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Underground Utility Waiver

American Arbor Care will make all reasonable efforts to prevent any damages to underground utilities while completing specified and authorized work.  

When completing stump grinding or the planting of large ball and burlap trees utilizing an auger, locate services will be contacted prior for locating of underground utilities, at no charge to the client.  These utilities include: phone, cable, main water lines, gas, and electrical.  Utilities not included in this free service include: landscape lighting, sprinkler system irrigation lines, electronic pet fences, sprinkler control wire, or any other buried outdoor wiring.  

American Arbor Care will not assume the liability or the responsibility to complete repairs to the following below ground utilities:

  • Buried Electrical pet fences
  • Sprinkler/irrigation system lines
  • Sprinkler/irrigation system wires
  • Buried landscape lighting wires
  • Misc. buried landscape wires
  • Buried cable/Telephone wires
Services rendered risking potential damage to buried utilities:
  • Core Aeration Deep root fertilization
  • Stump Grinding Installation of new plantings
  • Deep root watering Buried French drains 
  • Rain gutter downspout extensions 

Release from Neighbors Form

By filling out and submitting the form below, I give American Arbor Care, Inc. permission to access my property at (My Full Address) to spray, treat or trim the trees on, overhanging or near my property, pertaining to American Arobr Care client at (American Arbor Care Client Address).