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Tree & Shrub Health Management

Insect Treatments

We provide numerous insect treatments throughout the growing season.

The most common treatment we complete for clients are the aphid and mite treatments. We also offer treatments for some very damaging insects: European elm scale, Ash-lilac borer, IPS beetle, scale insects, and preventive treatments to protect your Ash trees from Emerald Ash Borer before it arrives.

Disease Management

Managing diseases in trees is extremely challenging. There are some therapeutic options available, not necessarily treatment options. We focus more on the overall health care of the subject.

Assessment & Evaluations

As a licensed tree care professional, and we have three certified arborists on staff who are licensed pesticide applicators with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

We have an extremely knowledgeable staff to provide professional evaluations and assessments for our clients. Additional fees do apply for these services, but our estimates are always free.

Trunk Injections

The technology for benefiting a tree’s health and preservation are ever evolving. Today’s treatments include sub-soil injections and trunk injections.
We are able to provide nutritional, disease and insecticide treatments through these trunk injections. These are a great option for extending the longevity of the treatment and are much safer for the applicator and the environment.

Pneumatic Power Root Excavations

These tools have been available in the tree care industry for many years, however they are becoming increasingly popular.
They give us the ability to safely excavate around the base of a tree to look for possible root restrictions and issues, as well as compacted clay soils and address any possible deficiencies at that time.

Emerald Ash Borer:

Emerald ash borer was detected in the City of Boulder in the fall of 2013. This is a non-native insect that has killed millions of trees in the upper mid-west portions of this country. 

"Over the past year American Arbor Care has been busy putting together action plans for effective treatments for our clients. We have also been actively measuring all of the ash trees on our client’s properties and did recommend some treatments to our clients on our 2015 proposals. Our goal in recommending treatment was more of an educational step for our clients to understand what the cost involved is with the treatments."
"Recognizing that the trees (depending upon their diameter at breast height) will need to be completed annually or every other year. We also recognize some clients will opt to remove a tree vs. the extended cost of treatment for the life of the tree and some Ash trees will not be of a value to keep on a property. Now is the time to make the difficult decision, if a client is opting to have the tree removed. Once the insect is detected in our area and starts to infest and kill trees, the tree declines and dries out rapidly. This means these removals become very dangerous situations requiring special equipment."

If at any time you have questions or concerns regarding Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) please don’t hesitate to contact our office.