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Yard Maintenance: Pre-Spring Cleanup Starts Now with Your Denver Tree Service

February 19, 2016

One of the first major jobs of the spring growing season is the cleanup. Chances are, your grass is matted and dry and leaves are scattered all over your yard. Spring is the time when new buds start to show signs of life and to better make way for these tiny plants, sprucing up your yard is essential.  This includes removing burlap from shrubs and trees, pruning away winter-killed branches, and cleaning up left over leaves so you can start preparing to seed new plants. Here some tips from your premier Denver tree services for preparing your yard for the upcoming growing season:
  1. Shrubs and Trees – Many trees and shrubs may have been damaged during the cold winter. These need to be pruned back to live stems to make room for more healthy branches. If you need to prune your shrubs, it’s recommended that you use hand pruners to prune back the outer layer of the branches so that light and nutrients can reach the middle of the shrub.
  2. Clear the Area – It’s easy to miss some leaves in the fall that make it through the winter. However, dead foliage can bring disease and suffocate plants. When there is no snow cover, it’s the perfect time to clean up these leaves and other organic waste.
  3. Seeding – It’s important to test your soil’s PH level to prepare for new planting.  Remove turf that has been tainted by disease or salt and add about a ½ inch later of compost which will help with the germination rate.
  4. Watering – Your perennials are most likely dehydrated from the winter. When there is no snow cover, it’s a good idea to give them a healthy dose of water. It’s also helpful to cut them back to allow new growth. 
  5. Soil Test – A soil test helps determine the contaminated content, nutrient content, and acidity and pH levels of soil. It’s hard to know just from looking at your soil if it’s fertile enough for your favorite plants. Your Denver tree service can help you find out if you need to amend your soil to extend the variety of plants that will grow, or if it’s good to go!
  6. Burlap – Unfortunately, this winter in Denver has been less than kind to trees and shrubs. If you protected your trees or shrubs this winter by wrapping them in burlap, it’s a good time to remove the wrappings now to make sure they get adequate air flow and sun.
There is a lot of maintenance and cleanup to do to prepare for spring. Let your Denver tree service take care of it for you. We will make sure that your trees are prepared for new growth and your soil is healthy enough to allow plants to flourish. Contact American Arbor Care today to find out how we can make spring yard cleanup a breeze! Check out more tips and advice for the upcoming season like how to get a head start on your landscape design now.