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Prepare Your Tools for Springtime - Advice from Denver Tree Care Services

February 12, 2016

The cold snaps and the months when our yards are covered in snow and ice provide the perfect time for some much needed maintenance before the spring and summer season: preparing your garden and lawn care tools! As a premier tree care service Denver trusts, follow our advice to get yourself and your tools ready for the next season.  At the start of the season, you want to allow the majority of your time to be spent on the larger tasks and actually tending to planting and pruning. Here are three steps you can take to get ahead this year and ensure you have the yard and garden you want come springtime:

Closely Examine All Tools

Even if you have a great stock or many sizes of similar tools, make sure you are taking the time to truly gauge their functionality. You might not remember that the spring inside your hand pruners had broken last fall, or your favorite rake is missing a few teeth. Just taking the time to measure what action needs to be taken is a great step in the right direction and will make you feel more organized. Making a small step can sometimes lighten what can feel like a burden if you just tackle one part at a time.

Clean Up for a Fresh Start

Make sure to use a wire brush if you encounter any rust or residue on metal. The best way to ensure your tools are in proper working order and like new is to disassemble them before getting into the cleaning process. You can use steel wool or even mid-grit sandpaper to get extra close and remove all rust or dirt.

Sharpen All Blades

When sharpening different types of blades for your shears, loppers, hoes, or spades, it is important to remember that they will each need to be properly stabilized for safety. Make sure they are in a stable position – either held with clamps or a vise to ensure it remains stationary. You can use a whetstone if sharpening shears – which allows for the use of water or oil on the metal, however, if you are using a file, make sure to keep the metal dry. Always move your file in the direction away from your body when sharpening your blades to ensure your own safety, and always be sure to ask your Denver tree care specialists if you encounter any questions in the process.

Get Organized and Ready for the Next Season!

The final steps to prep your tools are to make sure they are well organized, accessible, and look great. Take some pride in these tools – they help you maintain the living things that surround you with plenty of green and color in the springtime – and start planning your spring garden and landscape now! Get some quick tips from our experts, like our 3 tips for planting trees in Denver this spring to get a head start. Contact American Arbor Care for all of your landscape and tree services – our team is ready to help you create the oasis you deserve!