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Fall Tree Planting in Denver - Choose from the Best Selection

November 6, 2015

American Arbor Care is excited to announce a new delivery of trees coming for Denver fall planting. Direct from the Oregon area, these trees are of impeccable quality and American Arbor Care offers competitive pricing on all of them. Each one is planted with a one year warranty and ranges from a 2” – 3 ½” diameter.

Here are some of the popular trees residents love that you can find in our inventory:

Crimson Sentry Norway Maple
The Crimson Sentry Norway Maple provides a great fall color and is suitable for a smaller sized garden. The dense and compact maple variant has crimson foliage that turns into a deep maroon in the summer. The canopy may only grow to be 15’ in width and may not reach over 25’ in height.

Corinthian Linden
As the growing spaces in Denver get smaller, tress with limited width crowns are need. The Corinthian Liden is the narrowest of Lindens and has a mature size of 45’ tall by 15’ wide. They are known for their hearty nature and seldom see any significant branch failure.

Turkish Filbert
The Turkish Filbert features dark green foliage in the summer and transitions to a dramatic coppery red color in the fall. The pyramid shaped tree also produces edible nuts in late summer!

Chanticleer Pear Tree
This upright, pyramid shaped tree provides beautiful flowers, foliage, and fall color. It can adapt to many different soil and can tolerate pollution, drought, heat, and the cold.  Because of its shape, the tree’s crown is less prone to breakage due to heavy winter snow. It also produces a small fruit that is edible. American Arbor Care has this tree in two different trunk diameters 2.5” and 3”.

Red Jewel Crabapple
The red jewel crabapple grows an abundance of red fruit that sticks around nearly all winter. They grow to about 15 feet tall with a spreading, upright form. They are also moderately resistant to fireblight, mildew, and cedar-apple rust. American Arbor Care offers them in two sizes, 10-12’ and 12-15’.

Steeple Sugar Maple
The steeple sugar maple tree is known for its bright fall foliage and narrow, symmetrical crown. It is fairly tolerant to drought and prefers full sun to part shady conditions. It’s great as a lawn tree, but needs adequate space for its crown to spread and roots to develop.

Franz Fontaine Hornbeam
The Franz Fontaine Hornbeam is a dense, narrow, upright tree that’s great for vertical accenting. The glossy foliage is triangular and serrated. The fall color is a vibrant yellow and is a forest green in other seasons. It’s grown for its attractive foliage and its dense branches.

Fall is the ideal season for planting trees and allows the root systems to grow before the heat of summer returns. Did you know that trees planted in the fall are better equipped to deal with heat and drought in the following season? It’s an added bonus that you can maximize the value of your efforts in planting – so get in contact with us today to get started on your new planting project!