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Winter has Finally Arrived...

And We are Dreaming of Spring and Beautiful Gardens

By Heather Vigil - February 6, 2020

Do you drive by your neighbor’s houseyou know the neighbor that just had their entire front yard recently re-landscaped and it looks so neat and colorful…and think to yourself that your yard could really use some TLC?  Or are you looking at reduction to the amount of lawn square footage you are currently maintaining?

This is the perfect time of year to start thinking and planning your outdoor spring projects, so that your project is completed in a timely manner.  With the economy so strong during this time, quality landscape design companies are booking out months in advance.  Planning early to establish what the replacement plant material will be installed, also ensures the plant material will be available at the nursery.

Be sure to do your research on the companies you meet with to complete your project, if you are going to contract the work out.  Ensure they have good references to provide, before and after photos, good reviews online, and that they are licensed and insured.  You should also have a list of questions to ask each of them during the initial consultation process. 

If there are trees and mature shrubs involved in the area you are considering renovating, you should contact your Denver Tree Specialists to provide you with information regarding either the pruning/health of the trees and shrubs.  This process will evaluate the trees and shrubs to determine those that are just in need of pruning and those that we recommend should be removed.

Your Denver Tree Specialists also complete landscape renovation projects.  We also provide individual or multiple tree and shrub installations, if you are not completing an entire landscape renovation.

The following is a list of Key Elements to ponder and research as you dream of your new landscaping project:
  1.  Visual aesthetics for shrub/flower bed to turf grass square footage ratio (its important to not have too much turf grass to shrub/flower bed area and vice-versa.
  2. Visual/Functional aesthetics for hardscaping to soft-scaping ratio.
  3. Use of an assorted plant pallet depending upon bed size:
    1. Flowers, fruit, bark, growth habit, texture, fall color, winter interest
  4. Retaining walls, edging, boundaries
  5. Garden party lighting
  6. Water feature(s)
  7. Outdoor Buildings (garden/tool shed)
  8. Seating area
  9. Outdoor Fire pit
  10. Irrigation considerations
  11. Plant pallet
  12. Veggie garden
  13. Garden pots
  14. Herb garden
  15. Vertical gardens
  16. Landscape lighting
  17. Type of mulch
  18. Landscape Boulders
  19. Materials list and sources (if you plan on doing the project/portion of the project yourself)

If you are handy at sketching, you can draw up a simple sketch of your thoughts to begin the conversation.  You also, depending upon the size of you project and budget, you can coordinate the project to be completed in phases.

Once you have considered the list above and you have all of your decisions made you can get your project underway!  If you have hired a landscaper to complete the renovation for you, some of these decisions may be made as they work on the project.  And you should always be prepared for changes/modifications to the plan you started out with, as sometimes things arise that are unforeseen. 

No matter how small or how large your project is, by the end of the project to goal should be the vision you dreamt of from the very conceptual idea!

And if you ever need any assistance, your Denver Tree Specialists are always here to provide advice and support.

Your Tree Care Specialists at American Arbor Care