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How to 'Kick' Your Tree's Skin-crawling Dryness!

Supplemental Watering Aids Tree's and Shrubs During our Often Dry Periods during the Winter Months

By Heather Vigil - January 28, 2020

Colorado is a semi-arid climate and some years we receive more annual precipitation than other years.  The years we receive above our average annual precipitation, we rejoice; however, the years we receive below our average annual precipitation (particularly during the winter months) we wish for moisture.  The Denver area has experienced a very dry January.  Additionally December and January have been very windy months.  These two weather events are very hard on our trees, shrubs, perennials, and lawns. 
While your trees, shrubs, perennials, and lawn areas are in a dormant phase…they are never completely asleep.  The roots still remain slightly active.  While the portions above ground of deciduous trees are slower in activity, some moderate exchanges of gases and developmental processes still occur, in preparation for spring.  Evergreen and coniferous trees during our winter months are still fairly active with their normal processes, as they carry live needle tissues year round.  All of these processes still require some level of moisture.
At your Denver Tree specialists we have recommendations for how to curb some of the desiccating and damaging effects and risks this type of weather can pose to your beautiful landscapes.
Additionally, we can offer for broadleaf evergreens and smaller deciduous  evergreen trees and anti-desiccant treatment once a month to protect your valuable plant material from our often cold and drying winds.
On days where we experience temperatures that are above 55 degrees you can use an old-fashioned sprinkler head, set in an area, adjust spray area accordingly, water for 15-20 mins, move around the areas that you desire to water.  If we do not receive at least 1” of precipitation every three to four weeks and you have the opportunity repeat from November to March.
We do offer a winter watering service.  We use an additive called ‘Kick’.  Kick is a liquid component that provides a variety of botanical and mineral extracts to provide trees with the following:
  1.  Beneficial sugars, minerals to aid in pH balance
  2. Yucca and coconut extracts to aid in assisting water to move through soil aggregates and make “water” wetter.
  3. Humic acid benefitting food source for beneficial soil fungi and changing soil pH to release additional minerals
  4. Kelp extract-rich in a variety of minerals to aid in plant growth process.
If you have any questions or would like to meet with one of our Certified Arborists to discuss our winter watering program, or if you need additional tips and device on watering or care of your landscape, please feel free to give us a call.