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4 Best Tips for Mid-Summer Lawn Care Denver Needs

With the temperatures reaching their highest mid-summer, grass growth can begin to slow down. To ensure that your lawn stays healthy into the fall season, follow these watering, mowing, and fertilization tips to help with the lawn care Denver requires:

Watering: It is recommended that you water your lawn an inch per week, but the summer heat can dry out your lawn and make it require more. You can test to see if your lawn needs more water if it is dry more than an inch below the surface or if it doesn’t bounce back when you step on it. It’s important to water your grass early in the morning to make sure that it doesn’t evaporate or form fungus overnight if watered in the evening. It’s best to water heavier once compared to small amounts of water frequently.

Mowing: Mid-summer is a time when moving at the highest recommended mowing height is necessary. When the grass is taller, it provides more shade to the ground and keeps roots cooler – which also minimizes water evaporation from the soil.

Fertilization: During the hottest days of summer, it can be difficult to know the right routine for fertilizing your lawn. Our team recommends fertilizing in late summer, using a balanced fertilizer with sulphur coated urea. The sulphur allows for a slow release from each granule because it takes more time to break down. By using this type of fertilizer you eliminate the risk of burning the lawn.

Weeds: Unwanted weeds continue to pop up in the areas you least want to find them. During the late summer, make sure to be on top of weed control. It is recommended to use spot treatments in areas that host a large quantity of weeds. Our experts can offer information about the germination of weeds in your lawn – the growth happens quickly as the mid-summer to early fall provides the right temperature and moisture for weeds to thrive.

It’s crucial to keep up with your lawn care during the summer to make sure that the heat isn’t causing your too much harm. Give American Arbor Care a call for more advice on managing your mid-summer lawn care routine and to learn how we can help keep your lawn beautiful and healthy all year round.