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The Dog Days of Summer – Tree Service Denver Summers Require

The hottest days of summer are upon us and American Arbor Care is as busy as ever. Maintaining the health of your lawn, trees, and shrubs should be given special attention during the summer months, as the heat and lack of rain can quickly dry out living things. Our team has been tirelessly tending to all things growing for Denver residents – and luckily, we have some much needed help from our resident specialist in tree service Denver relies on, Peyton the dog.

Peyton has a great sense of space and really gets into the projects – he is never afraid to get his paws dirty. Inspecting the area and testing the soil are two tasks in which he excels. As an integral part of our team, he has a keen sense of direction, assisting in navigating us throughout the city. Peyton loves to tag along and help us with lawn, tree, and shrub care around the Denver area.

Get in touch with American Arbor Care to discuss your next project and get your home ready for the fall. Our furry friend Peyton might be available to assist us in readying your space and offer his hound advice! Call us today at 303-639-8584 to schedule an appointment and get on track for the upcoming season.