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Denver Lawn Care Tips and Advice: Managing Ascochyta and Grubs

With the humid and extended wet weather in Colorado recently, your Kentucky bluegrass lawn may be suffering. Have you ever noticed brown straw like patches of grass on your lawn and you don’t know why? It may be Ascochyta Leaf Blight or Turf.  Frequent mowing or dull mowing can contribute to the disease severity by creating more infection sites. It helps to keep the soil moisture consistent and ensure that all irrigation heads are working properly.

Another reason your grass is brown or wilting could be a grub problem. However, grubs do more damage because they feed on the roots of grass and can actually kill it.  To check for an infestation, carefully peel back the damaged sod – you should be able to see the grubs fairly easily because of their size. Another sign that you may have a grub infestation are raccoons, birds, or skunks digging up lawns in search of the grubs to eat.  If there are 10 or more grubs within a square foot of your lawn, it’s very likely they will create visible damage to the grass and will need to be treated.  Check out our lawn gallery for our work on Ascochyta and grub damage.

Call us today to make sure that your lawn stays as healthy as possible though out the summer.