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Save with our 2016 Annual Service Agreement!

Our 2016 Annual Service Agreements for tree care and lawn care (spray services) are upon us! Our annual service agreements will be completed from March through October of 2016. Not only will you receive a 5% discount if you prepay for your spray and lawn care services if paid by March 31st – you’ll be free of stress and worry knowing that your lawn and trees will be healthy, safe, and flourishing throughout the year.  

Denver homeowners know all too well how quickly our landscape can turn from green to white. You may believe that tree maintenance and lawn care are strictly for the warmer months, but it’s extremely important to protect the health of your trees and lawn through the winter months. Now that winter is in full swing, be sure to keep an eye out for potential damage from de-icing salts! 

We’ve previously discussed the benefits of trunk wrapping for winter tree care, but did you know that trees and shrubs located near the road and/or driveway may be damaged from salt? Some evergreens are susceptible to road salt damage that is sprayed onto branches by passing snowplows.  The damage won’t show until the spring when the needles facing the road turn brown. As well as trunk wrapping, the following practices are also beneficial against salt and winter damage:

•    Design ornamental planting areas to reduce the exposure of trees and shrubs to damaging salt spray. Use salt-tolerant shrubs as windbreaks to help stop airborne salt drift before it reaches sensitive plants.
•    If it is practicable, rinse salt spray off trees and shrubs after storms and high winds. Rinse again in early spring to remove salt residue from tender buds and leaves.
•    Plant in spring when locating trees and shrubs near roads where de-icing salts are used. This allows plants more time to become established prior to salt exposure (be sure they are planted at least 50 – 60 feet from the road).  
•    When practical, use cinders, fly ash or sand for de-icing.
•    Select and plant salt spray tolerant trees and shrubs. Avoid plants, such as azaleas, that are considered especially sensitive to salt spray.
•    Keep plants healthy because healthy plants are more tolerant of salt damage!

Give us a call today to discuss your 2016 Annual Service Agreement and see how we can take care of your lawn and trees for you! Have more questions for Denver tree and lawn care? Do not hesitate to contact American Arbor Care – we are happy to help!