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Winterizing Denver Trees with Anti-Desiccant Sprays

With winter in Denver upon us, American Arbor Care will be spraying evergreens and broadleaf evergreens with anti-desiccants to protect them from the drying winds and cold weather. The winter weather can be very stressful on Denver trees and the most threatening part of the season is water loss. Once the ground freezes, trees aren’t able to draw up water or nutrients. One this happens, the plants starts to use its own stored moisture from its leaves.  This can lead to winter burn, sunscalds, and even plant death. However, with the application of anti-desiccants and proper care, you can reduce the damage during the harsh winter months.

Anti-desiccants are compounds that help reduce loss of water from plants and are biodegradable. The way it works is by creating a think barrier over the leaf stomata which locks in moisture. When there’s a lack of water in the ground for roots to take up, anti-desiccants can be very beneficial. Now that temperatures have begun falling below 50 degrees, it’s a good time to consider getting your evergreen trees sprayed. However, anti-desiccants fade away and so it’s important to apply it again if needed in about 2-3 months after the initial spray.

Winter damage as a result of water loss:

Winter burn: When a tree collects energy from the sun during photosynthesis, the tree releases water during the process, called transpiration. With the tree unable to replenish this moisture, they will dehydrate. This causes the scorching of leaf tips and margins which can lead to complete browning of needles.  

Winter leaf scorch: Often associated with dry windy weather and frozen grounds preventing a tree from getting adequate water, leaf scorch may affect your evergreen this winter. The disease or disorder is identified on by a purple or brown discoloration on the ends of an evergreen needle. This is usually from the dry winter winds when the ground is frozen.

Anti-desiccants provide a great protection in the winter, but did you know that anti-desiccants have year-round benefits? During growing season, a tree may still not be able to keep up with leaf water loss and can benefit from an application of anti-desiccants. A growing tree can also be protected from the harsh winter by watering it on warmer days during the winter once a month.  

Need help identifying if your evergreen has winter damage or want to prevent it? Contact American Arbor Care, your Denver tree specialists, to find out how anti-desiccant can help keep your evergreens happy and healthy in the New Year and throughout the winter! Contact us today!