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Safety Standards for Denver Tree Services

October 23, 2015

Following the safety standards set by the American Association of Standards is of the upmost importance at American Arbor Care. In the field of Arboriculture, there is potential for people to get injured on the job when safety measures are not met because of the hazardous conditions employees typically work in while in the field. Potential hazardous scenarios include falling, being crushed from falling or moving trees, electrical contact, lacerations from cutting equipment, and animal and insect injuries. With the proper tools and equipment, qualified workers, and technically correct practices and procedures, work can be conducted safely with a low risk of injury.

Unfortunately, other companies sometimes use improper practices and unqualified workers. This can result in injuries and poses risks to the worker and public. This is a costly and time intensive risk that some companies take. As Denver tree care professionals, American Arbor Care uses the proper tools and equipment, utilizes proper practices and procedures, and only permits competent and knowledgeable persons to conduct work. By doing this, we minimize risk of injuries due to safety hazards.

Our employees receive training that allow them to identify and take corrective measures to eliminate existing and predictable hazards within a tree, site, or working conditions. Training requirements include adequate time for practice of skill and equipment to develop required proficiency. Employers must conduct regular, documented field supervision and inspection and ensure that each employee is complying with all appropriate requirements. We always make sure to conduct a pre-work inspection to plan tree entry and work. This includes deciding an entry route, determining tie-in points, and developing a work plan.

When it comes to safety in tree care, it is incredibly important to be confident in the ability in the experts and not have to worry about whether things are being conducted with the best practices in mind. Following the proper standards and procedures defined by the American National Standards Institute, American Arbor Care makes safety a priority. When equipment is in good working order and the right safety gear is worn, it allows workers to get a job done safely and in a timely manner. Pruning trees and shrubs can be dangerous and the wellbeing of the public and workers is important. Give American Arbor Care, your go-to Denver arbor care service, to have the confidence that your job will be done carefully, safely, and thoroughly.