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5 Benefits of Winter Pruning – Preventative Denver Tree Care

The harsh winters in Denver are full of surprises and can be quite damaging to your trees, shrubs, and plants. The best way to make sure that your trees survive the winter is preventative maintenance by your Denver tree service. Strategic pruning to prevent branch failure is integral to keeping things healthy and in the best state for regrowth. Keeping up with this pruning can help prevent damage from wind, snow, and ice when the harsh weather hits this winter.
Time invested in regular pruning is time well spent and absolutely necessary to enable your trees and plants to continue growing through next spring. Trees that are pruned regularly are more resistant to storm damage and are more structurally sound. The less surface area the branches have the less wind resistance with resistance they have – providing more opportunity for the maximum possible health and resilience of your trees.
Pruning away dead or damaged braches from your trees before winter frost reduces the chances of spring or winter infestation from fungus, bacteria, and disease. Making sure your trees are properly pruned ensure that heavy snow fall doesn’t result in broken branches and potentially causing damage to your home or pedestrians passing by.
What it comes down to is maintenance – which should be the focus all year round. What to focus on as we approach the winter season is the following benefits to keeping to a solid pruning schedule:
  • Prevent breakage of branches
  • Promote new growth
  • Keep fungus and infestation away
  • Prevent potential damage to home
  • Increase curb appeal all year
Considering Denver tree pruning before winter? Luckily, American Arbor Care is offering a winter pruning promotion – 10% discount on all pruning, whether you have a 5ft shrub or a 50ft tree, our team of experts can take care of your needs. Take advantage of this offer to keep your trees healthy through the winter and begin next spring strong and healthy. Proper watering, mulching, fertilizing and pruning will help your trees, lawn, and plants be an asset to your property and the community for years to come.