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Early Fall Deep Root Fertilization in Denver

As an important part of maintaining tree health, deep root fertilization should be performed by a tree service Denver trusts.

What is Deep Root Fertilization?

Deep root fertilization is the process of injecting a nutrient solution into the root zone of trees as opposed to traditional surface fertilization. The aerating that happens when the fertilization is injected allows oxygen to reach the roots. The depth of the injection is 12 – 14 inches below the surface of the soil with the holes placed two to three feet apart around the diameter of the tree.

When Should Deep Root Fertilization Happen?

This process if best done in the early fall while the tree tops are still dormant yet the roots are still active. A clear indication of the right timing for deep root fertilization is when you see the leaves begin to drop from the tree’s branches. Once or twice a year is the normal amount of deep root fertilization that a tree should require.

Why Do Trees Need Deep Root Fertilization?

The implementation of regular root fertilization improves microbial activity, oxygen, and nutrient levels while creating an ideal environment for roots to be brought back to health. However, when severe root damage has occurred or there is soil compaction, it may be a good idea to increase the frequency of deep root fertilization. Let the experts be your guide in this area – trust in their judgement of the best measures to take to keep your tree in good health.
The best way to keep your tree healthy and resistant to unwanted pets and diseases is to ensure they receive proper nutrients.

Call American Arbor Care today to schedule deep root fertilizations for your trees to ensure healthy growth all year round.