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Signs of Fire Blight and Denver Hail Damage to Trees

In recent weeks, Denver tree services have been busy tending to damaged trees from the hail storms. It’s important to have your trees assessed for damage as hail can wound branch tissue and can make a tree more susceptible to fire blight. Fire blight is a disease that can kill branches or even a whole tree.

Normally, fire blight enters a tree through insects that pollinate flowers, but hail damage opens up new avenues for the disease to enter.

The symptoms of infected trees include dead branches, darkened leaves and bark, and water soaked blossoms.The symptoms give the tree a fire-scorched appearance, thus the name “fire blight.” Bacteria will ooze from surfaces and provide inoculum that is easily transferred to younger shoots as well. Fire blight is not easy to control – however, reducing the amounts of inoculum by pruning out cankered branches during the latent season is one way to prevent the spread of the disease.

Hail in and of itself can also cause major damage to a tree by stressing it and destroying leaves. Because of this, fall fertilization is recommended if your trees are not already being fertilized. Managing damage and diseases are very challenging and should be left to professionals to handle. Contact American Arbor Care today for a free estimate to assess the services needed to bring your tree back to health.