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Protect Your Plants and Trees from the Damaging Effects of Winter

Prepare your Trees, Shrubs, and Denver Landscaping for Winter

Plants, trees, gardens, and shrubs prepare for the winter just like people do. Homeowners need to take actions and precautions now, in the fall, that will help their Denver landscaping investment last throughout the winter. With a little extra time and effort, both on your own and in conjunction with your local arborist, you will achieve this success.

Anti-Desiccant Treatments

For your evergreens and other trees in your lawn, consider adding an anti-desiccant to them. This is a spray for their leaves that will help them retain water as the temperatures drop.

Winter Pruning

There is no better time than the present to have your trees and shrubs pruning needs addressed for the upcoming growing season. When trees are dormant, during the winter months, the pruning is easier and less impactful on the overall health of trees or shrubs. The Denver area landscape does have certain tree species that require pruning work be completed in the winter months, due to the risk of disease.

Winter Watering

uring dry winters, turf mites are one of the reasons it is crucial to keep your yard watered all year long. That is not the only reason, though. For the overall life and longevity of your trees, shrubs, plants and other landscaping, it is important to keep your lawn hydrated throughout the year, even in the cold climates. Failure to do so can injure your landscaping long term.

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