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Lawn Care & Fertilization Services

Fertilization and Broadleaf Weed Control

We offer a pre-emergent application in the spring to aid in prevention of annual weed seed germination. Along with a post-emergent spot spray treatment of weeds already present in a lawn.

We then offer three follow up balanced fertilization applications with post-emergent spot spray treatment of weeds already present in the lawn throughout the season.

We do not fertilize lawns in the month of July with it being our hottest month of the growing season.

REVIVE Application

Available all year, and highly recommended during the month of July when it's too hot for fertilization. We spot spray for any weeds present in the lawn. Revive is an organically based product assisting with the breakdown of our heavy clay soils and water penetration to the root system of grass plants.


Available in the spring or the fall.

We do recommend at least one aeration per season for lawns in our service area. If the aeration is completed in the spring it is best to have it completed prior to the pre-emergent application (we typically complete ours together in the spring).

With our applications of lawn fertilization in Denver we also check for insect activity and can apply a treatment at that time. We can also provide sod installation in the spring or fall.

Lawns over time can become tired from seasonal stressors as well as use and from shade damage. We provide Denver lawn care services of aeration, over-seeding and top-dressing to revitalize a lawn suffering from these issues.